ResoFus for lower back pain, bone tumours and bone metastasis pain palliation.

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We are pioneers in the MRgFUS treatments to relief pain without wounds, scars or postoperatively.

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Single session treatment and no harmful radiation

If you or one of your loved ones suffers from lower back pain (facet joints syndrome) or from bone pain due to bone metastases or bone tumour, you may want to consider a new treatment for bone pain palliation using ResoFus.

ResoFus is a one-time bone pain treatment that uses focused ultrasound to destroy the nerves in the bones providing speedy and lasting pain relief without radiation. Most patients feel bone pain relief within a few days and some even reduce their intake of painkillers.

Bone metastasis and lower back pain

ResoFus Treatment

Resofus treatment combines the power generated by a harmless ultrasonic beam focused at a point (for treatment) and images generated by MRI (for planning, control and monitoring), allowing the physician to clearly identify the injured area and an optimal control of continuous treatment, all in real time.

The focussed ultrasound technique is already being used to treat conditions such as uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, facet joints, bone tumours and bone metastasis as well as brain disorders like Essential tremor or Parkinson’s disease.

ResoFus Alomar Treatment

Pain palliation of facet joints and bone tumor with Resofus Alomar

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