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It is known that uterine (myoma) fibroids can impair fertility and cause pregnancy complications, depending upon the location of the fibroid and its relation to the uterine cavity. Myoma treatment options can also lead to morbidity and fertility impairment. Increasingly physicians are reporting on cases of women who have become pregnant and delivered babies after ResoFus Alomar (MRgFUS) treatment.

Rabinovici et al (2006) reported the first case of pregnancy after ExAblate treatment in a 36 year old woman who had difficulty conceiving because of profuse menometrorrhagia. An 84 cm3 uterine tumor was diagnosed on ultrasonography as leiomyoma, and a conservative myomectomy was planned. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) corrected the diagnosis to focal adenomyosis. Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery (MRgFUS) destroyed a significant part of the tumor. Following an uncomplicated MRgFUS treatment, a non-perfused volume of 33 cm3 was measured. At 6 weeks, the patient experienced a significant reduction in menometrorrhagia and a marked decrease in tumor size (about 50%). She conceived spontaneously and, after an uneventful pregnancy, gave birth at term to a healthy infant via normal vaginal delivery.

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Currently, 4 children were born from women treated with ResoFus Alomar in our medical center on Barcelona, and over 500 worldwide.