Frequent Asked Questions

1What can we treat with ResoFUS Alomar Neuro?

This treatment is used to treat essential tremor and Parkinson's disease with dominant tremor (hyperkinetic symptoms predominate).

2Is this treatment used to treat Parkinson's stiffness (hypokinetic symptoms)?

This treatment can treat the symptoms of stiffness but is not currently performed in our center.

3In the past I underwent a deep brain stimulation intervention. Can I be a candidate for this treatment?

No. Any procedure involving cranial aperture is a direct contraindication. Or injury to the scalp.

4Am I a candidate if I am over 80 years old?

Yes. The main advantage of this treatment is that it is safe, there is no risk of infection and recovery time is not needed, you will be free to go home de day after treatment. Therefore there is no age limit for this treatment.

5What improvement will I have with this treatment?

This treatment in the case of the Essential tremor is a cure of the tremor. In the case of Parkinson's it is not a definitive cure because it is a neurodegenerative disease but it will allow a significant improvement in your quality of life. You will be able to perform activities like drinking from a glass, writing, combing, etc. The improvement of the tremor is cataloged in 95% on the day of the treatment and in 90% after a few months. Tt is normal that the tremor can return slightly.

6What does it mean that treatment is unilateral?
The main side effects of injury to the VIM brain area (the same area that is injured with other techniques such as deep brain stimulation or the "Gamma Knife") is speech impairment. That is why the treatment is initially performed on a half side of the body. The other side, in case of suffering from tremor, will not improve.
7Is it possible to treat the other half of the body?
Yes, it is possible to treat the second part of the body, but we must wait a year and we must perform a neurological examination to assess if you can be a candidate for the second treatment.
8What side effects can I expect from the treatment?
This treatment is characterized by very few side effects when using focused ultrasound guided magnetic resonance imaging. We do not open the skull and there is no need for hospital recovery. You can go home the next day. However we may find some instability or loss of balance, which will be recovered in the following months. Some alterations in voice function could be found.
9How long does the treatment last?
The treatments are usually done in 4-5 hours.
10I do not think I can take 4 hours on a stretcher. Does this mean that I am not candidate for this treatment?
During the treatment you will be given relaxing drugs to make you comfortable. You will need to notify the medical team if you are not comfortable.
11Should I undergo general anesthesia?
No. You will be awake during throughout the treatment. During the treatment we will ask you to draw spirals and perform certain maneuvers to know if we are dealing with the correct point.
12Should I be hospitalized for a long time?
No. This is an outpatient treatment so you can return home the next day. As a precaution, we make you host the night of treatment at our referral hospital. In case you have to return with an airplane you have to wait 72 hours as the change in aircraft pressure can affect the brain.