ResoFus for Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer.

We have developed a new alternative for the treatment of serious conditions of the prostate. Our system allows to treat hyperplasia and prostate cancer in a novel way, improving the quality of life of the patient without affecting the erectile and urinary function. Our technique, being non-invasive, leaves no wounds, no scars or postoperative problems.

Thanks to the high technology we live new times in the treatment of prostate cancer. ResoFUS Alomar offers you TULSA, it is a unique therapy that has already proven to be effective and accurate in patients who have undergone this treatment. This technique is based on the excision of the prostate by trans-urethral focused ultrasounds to achieve greater efficiency. The result of this treatment is that this technique is usually well tolerated by patients and to date has been shown to have low side effects, with little or no impact on man's erectile and urinary function (these are the two major problems in conventional surgeries where these functions are not preserved).


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Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer

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One of the main advantages of this treatment is its ambulatory nature since there are no incisions that need serious post-operative revision. This allows patients to be able to quickly recover their quality of life from the same day of treatment and return home without being hospitalized for a long term.

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Brief description of the process carried out for the intervention of hyperplasia and prostate cancer.